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Komatsu Crawler Dozers D37EXi/PXi-24

The D37EXi/PXi-24 Dozer is a compact, versatile and powerful dozer that is easily transported between different job sites. Thanks to the factory integrated 3D GNSS machine control system, the machine can get to work immediately when it arrives at the work site, with no risk of damage or incorrect installations.
  • Up to 10% less fuel consumption with new engine and optimised hydrostatic pump control technology (compared with D37-22)
Engine Power (KW/HP):
67,7/90,7 kW/HP
Operating Weight:
9,1-9,4 t.
Blade Size:
3,20 × 0,84 (INPAT) m x m
Blade Capacity:
1,91-2,13 m³
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