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Original Komatsu lubricant

Kuhn supplies its customers with high quality lubricants, operating liquids and high-tech coolants for engines, brakes and hydraulic systems for construction machinery.


Komatsu coolants are intended for cast iron or aluminium engines as well as for aluminium or aluminium-bronze radiators. They are used in particular with modern engines, which require efficient temperature protection. Coolants are frost-proof down to -40 °C. 

Motor oils

The motor oils have been specially developed for use in construction machine engines and for use with low sulphur fuels. They cover the entire range of operational temperatures.

Hydraulic oil

Specially developed for use with Komatsu hydraulic systems, these hydraulic oils offer a high degree of protection against wear as well as a very high temperature range. 

Transmission oil

These transmission oils have been developed specially for use in transmissions, dampers, steering cases and final drives. In addition, these oils can also be used in swing machinery and hydraulic equipment.

Wet brake lubricant

These are perfect for differentials or multi-disc brakes. However, Komatsu brake fluids are also suitable for the transmission, hydraulic, and power steering systems of industrial and agricultural equipment.